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This is a summary of over 20 years of research into all occurances of the name SAVIN primarly as a surname but also if it is used in other contexts, for example as in a geographical feature. I would encourage you to contact me via e-mail if you have any further information to add. Don't be put off if what you know isn't much, for this work is largely drawn from small bits of information, which hundreds of people have let me know over the years. So please let me know at:

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

SAVIN Rogues Register

Nicholas Savin (b.1858-a.1904?) Russian Count who inherited great wealth and spent it at a fast rate. He therefore had to borrow money from the rich and famous and moved on when life became uncomfortable. He also spied for governments and ended up being sent to Siberia as a convict. [See " Soldier of Fortune" in the SAVIN Sagas]

George Savin (a.1790) Swindler in Pennsylvania, USA, who duped people into handing over their money to him on the false promise of doubling it in a short time and then absconding with their funds. [See "Silver-tongued Swindler" in the SAVIN Sagas]

Nicolas Savin (a.1519) Chief Inquisitor of Metz, France who tortured, tried and burned those who were accused of being heritics or witches


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